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Our workshop is equipped with the most advanced production equipment and supporting infrastructure hardware and "IAS" automation, intelligent software system, and the establishment of the "Research Center" (the company's knowledge management center) Expert Committee. The Committee of experts is supported by academicians and experts in relevant fields. With the "seven in one" ecological cloud platform human resources support, and the use of cloud platform data analysis, real-time to meet customer needs of dynamic product planning. The seamless link between production links can be realized, and the whole production process can be monitored and shortened, and the conversion time of production tasks can be shortened. To achieve more optimized supply chain management, the products include RPET food grade fragments, regenerated bottle grade polyester chips and ultra fine denier fiber slices and various high viscosity industrial silk sliced products.
The product has been certified by FDA in the United States. Coca Cola Co and Pepsi Co 100% are regenerated for bottle grade food packaging certification, and the company is the only national standard GB manufacturer in China to participate in regenerated polyester fragments as non fiber grade raw materials for food grade. It provides a test for the use of regenerated bottle grade polyester chips. Methods and the control direction of life cycle. At the same time, we worked with international giants such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestle, and Danone to study the national standard (GB) plan for drafting the regenerated bottle grade polyester chip, which was submitted to the National Standard Committee for examination and approval in December 2017. For this industry in China's development and promote the protection of the environment, ecological safety contribution strength and wisdom.