We take industry, technology and culture as our mission, and contribute our wisdom and strength to protect the environment and ecological civilization.

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  Resources will be exhausted. We need to have a smart resource reproduction model and inculcate culture to continue. We have no natural resources to rely on. We can only dig out large oil fields, large forests, and large coal mines in people's minds. Spirit can be transformed into material. Material civilization is conducive to the consolidation of spiritual civilization. We adhere to the policy of promoting material civilization with spiritual civilization. The culture here includes not only knowledge, technology, management, and sentiment, but also all intangible factors that promote the development of productivity. In the final analysis, it is still people, to every employee.
  We will establish a database of human resources development on the company's cloud platform, scientifically tap the potential of each employee and cultivate talents at all levels. "Respect for Heaven and Love for Humans" pursues both the material and spiritual happiness of employees' families, and then makes due contributions to all mankind, and is the foundation and culture of the company.